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Exterior Design Take a Peek at Our Latest Work We are proud to present BLD's latest work Comfort Take a Peek at Our Latest Work We are proud to present BLD's latest work Comfort

Architectural design

We provide a wide range of Architectural design and solutions for your space that satisfy all your needs


Interior & Exterior Design

It is our passion and we include our clients in every design step making every project unique to its user. The process goes beyond mere spatial design. We think long - term in terms of utility, functionality and sustainability.


Furniture Design

We work towards building a better lifestyle by striking a balance between functionality, modernism, and comfort. We believe in celebrating exquisite materials, superior craftsmanship, and a palette inspired by the beauty of nature.



We collaborate with clients , structural consultants and contractors to provide quality driven design. We believe in integrating intricate design with sturdy construction for creating exquisite structures.


Here are some projects that
we take real pride in


Architectural Design

BLD design team of interior and architecture designer will provide the right service to you in best proportions. Our Vision is to improve people’s lifestyle by offering creative home design architecture for a home project.

Master Planning and Urban Designing

BLD team is composed of experienced architects and urban designers embedded in a multidisciplinary firm, with proven strengths across a range of disciplines. We thrive on the innate complexity of master planning projects and take on challenges from private and public sector developments across the world.

Structural Design

Our team of structural designers and steel detailers delivers steel detailing and rebar detailing plans for angle section, roofs, trusses, columns, foundation and every other critical structural element in the building.

Interior Design

We are very passionate in delivering elegant and beautiful interior designing for your independent home or villas.

Project Development & Support Services

Just as you need the right tools to build a structure, you need the right tools to manage that construction. BLD provides construction project scheduling, construction project planning, construction vendor management, cost management in construction projects and other features that allow you to work more efficiently and productively.


BLD provides a variety of construction support services to help identify potential problems, provide effective solutions, evaluate technical and budgetary alternatives, anticipate or avoid future disputes, and generally result in a better design and budget.

We also branch out into
a bit of Product Design

From its elegant combination of Solid wood and steel, to its thoughtfully designed features such on table wireless charger, TAKK Smart Desk - Berlin combines beauty and functionality. Work from home being the new normal, we were motivated to design an “intelligent desk that acknowledged technology and the stuff that we accumulate when working, but do it in a subtle, integrated and intuitive manner”.

I was referred to BLD by a friend after taking a liking to the design of his house. It was a contemporary villa, but I required something more grand and colourful. The team at BLD sat me down and gave me a wide range of options completely convincing me that they could handle it and now I am glad that I gave it to them.

Dr Arun Reddy Doctor

We have given a lot of our projects to them and the first thing we can expect is a request for a detailed list of project requirements. They insist on it even when taking on similar projects. They are very thorough with their procedures, which ultimately results in effective and speedy execution

Mr. Ashok Ruby Builder

There is one unique aspect of their design process that I would like to highlight, the fluid coordination between all their teams and seamless integration of our additional requirements into existing designs. They would just fit in the required pieces like it were a puzzle, in the end not leaving us wanting for anything more. We are very satisfied with their work overall.

Mr. Vel Mohan (Velammal Group of institution)

I find comfort in the fact that there is a wall of transparency at BLD. At no point in any given time is a client walled from the goings-on. They are all very reachable, responsive and responsible. As a businessman who hardly gets to spend time on site I highly value their services.

Mr.T.R.silambarasan Actor